the artistic sensitivity of saroja





Undoubtedly, for any dreamer, lover and admirer of artistic styles and schools, all that is abstract is always suggestive. SAROJA, with her temperamental sensitivity, creates her artwork with genuine virtue leaving the subject of her paintings open to abstraction. In her oil paintings on canvas, SAROJA offers us an impressive symphony of colours. Creation in which reds are fiery and dazzling like the rays of the sun, and interlaced in rhythmical harmony with blues, greens and the pure light of the Mediterranean, which she has managed to captivate in all its magnitude.

In Universal Art,
in Time and History,
with fundamental vigour,
painting is the fruit and the glory
of essential roots.

SAROJA, born in Holland, has been living in Pollença for many years, where she has learnt to assimilate the thoughts and idiosyncrasies of the Pollencins; just as she has known how to identify with the spirit of its history, its customs and ancestral traditions.

Each of Saroja’s paintings responds to an idea. In these works, in their abstract ensemble, one can, with an open heart, discover a landscape, some flowers, a forest, the sea, a sunset, the joy of the daybreak…
dawn of wishes for a dream to come true.

SAROJA’s artwork displays sound structure in an informalist abstract line. SAROJA’s painting is emotive and captivating.

the brush of SAROJA is generous,
it is audacious, potent and creative,
because it is soft, subtle and vigorous,
dreamlike, suggestive and luminous,
Fountain of harmony and colour.

As simple as this, in the spell of inspiration.