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Here I like to start with a quote of a good friend of mine, a artist himself.

“I really like the turn your work has taken… whether intentional or not... these works have all an aspect of gravity to them... I mean by that... that they have a figurative nature to them... they allude to an horizon ... human visual sense is dependent on the human sense of balance and that sense of balance holds the head perpendicular to the surface of the planet and the line of vision parallel to it... consequently the horizon, whether visible or not is the musical stave on which the notes are written...

Yes... once the law is established we test it and expand it... push and pinch it's parameters...
But without some reference to that law... we are lost...
Sober conversation is stand on which we display wit...
We put salt on the meal and not make it the meal in itself...
We make jazz by giving stress and tension to a set of mathematical principals that dictate harmony and contrast in sound waves...

Your work is exciting... jazzy... calm and yet spicy... sober and profound and yet witty...
I love it”

Ken Orton

Theft in Mallorca

Recently paintings of mine have been stolen.

This is one of them



"Son Serra, Mallorca", ref #: 977-40F (81 x 100 cm) oil on canvas, 2004

This painting is stolen from a villa near Pollensa, Mallorca
around 30 October 2010.

more details and information about the stolen paintings
Please help in locating them.

If you see those paintings somewhere, you know that they are stolen and I would like them back.
Any information about these paintings is welcome.

You can contact me through my Contact Page


For those of you who have not seen my work before, I am a painter who works mainly with oil on canvas, using the pallet knife. Most of the work is abstract although you recognize landscapes. Most important for me are the colours with which I like to create certain atmospheres.

The influence of living in Mallorca and in Portugal near the Ocean you'll find in my work, especially in the colours. You are welcome to have a look in my Studio or in my Web Pages.

Oil Painting by Saroja

"Beach Isla Pessegueira", ref #: 1261-40F (100 x 81 cm) oil on canvas

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30-01-2013 latest update

Saroja's travels throughout Europe and Asia tint every one of her oils. The abstract interplay of glowing sunlight and roiling cloud, of reflective warmth and dispassionate blue describe the phenomena of nature at their most brilliant and memorable moments. Whether the focused intensity of bursts of crimson and scarlet energy at the edge of the volcano, or the glimpse of distraction evidenced by the October palette of the Balearic coastline, Saroja's works reveal themselves firmly with the splendor of an ocean sunrise and the animation of the Northern lights.

The tones of Saroja's oils are strong and balanced, a panoply of the shades of living nature in fleeting daylight. There is movement on the canvas, power and energy striving forward to a point of resolution and tranquility. Vertical saffron strokes evoke a sense of motion in a sunlit sky; abrupt splashes of turquoise on blue the flashes of cresting waves on surging Pacific seas; vague horizons in orange and green mirroring the skyline view from the balcony of a Mallorcan villa at the close of day.

The Lewis Gallery, California, 2004

Saroja december 2007